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Guiders Mission Tours and Travels  has earned a reputation in Kerala as one of the travel houses which is dedicated to promoting travel and tours in India. Besides being a key player in selling India abroad, we also assist in moulding smart travel professionals to carry on this good work. Guiders Academy for Travel Studies is our Training Division that aims to educate students to become successful   travel professionals. We have trained many such travel professionals who are now gainfully employed in reputed airlines, and other aviation sectors in India and abroad.   Students will be trained to meet the current requirements of international standards in the travel industry. Highly qualified and experienced faculty train the students with the help of online reservation systems- Galileo and Amadeus. Our curriculum is so planned as to give maximum emphasis on practical training which enables the students to work confidently in any airline or travel firm from the very first day itself. We do give placement assistance to our students until they secure a decent job. Our modules are as follows:

1) Airline Ticketing and Fare Construction:
There has been a tremendous boom in air travel in the recent years. This is largely due to increase in the number of passengers traveling to Gulf Countries, Europe, America and Far East Countries for employment. The number of tourists and business travelers have also increased proportionately.  The agent who undertakes all travel arrangements must be familiar with all the international fare rules governing airfares. We follow the exact syllabus formulated by IATA (International Air Transport Association).

Course Fee        : Rs 6000/-
Course duration: 6 months

2) Job Orientation Training

Online CRS Training
We are equipped with two online Computer Reservation Systems (AMADEUS and GALILEO) .We provide intensive training in both these systems for our students. Most of the airline offices and travel concerns look for candidates who have sound practical knowledge in CRS. Our training enables the students to make genuine airline reservations and it will help students to come out successful in interviews and to work confidently, confronting all challenges posed by this dynamic industry..

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. There are many job opportunities opening up for young tour professionals at all levels. Internet and E-commerce are integral tools of the modern tourism industry. But the number of trained workforce is barely adequate to meet the changing trends in the industry. Keeping this in mind, we have prepared our tour syllabus in consultation with the leading professionals. Our training includes   interactive sessions with Tour professionals which familiarize students with the overall scenario of the international tour market. Our faculty will help the students to make international itineraries, which includes flight reservations, net based hotel bookings and sight seeing arrangements. 

Bank Settlement Plan (BSP)
Bank Settlement Plan simplifies the selling, reporting and remittance procedures of the IATA agents. The main feature of this system is that it provides neutral standard documents to the agents. BSP uses Electronic Data Processing (EDP) centre to process the billing in every billing date. BSP improves service, saves time, effort and money.

Passport and Visa:
The travel professionals are supposed to have good knowledge about passport documentation. Passport is the primary document issued from the Regional Passport Office, which comes under the Ministry of External Affairs. Foreign travel is impossible without a passport. Passport is issued only after receiving the character assessment report from the applicants local police station. Every application should be supported by documents that prove our nativity, date of birth, parentís details and academic qualifications.  Our teaching module covers all the essentials required for Passport Application and the other Miscellaneous Services.

Those who want to go abroad must also obtain Visa or Visitors Intended Stay Abroad from the respective country. Most of the countries demand visa to be obtained prior to the departure to their country. The demands of visa consultants have increased manifold in this industry due to increase in the number of travelers abroad. At the same time, there is an acute dearth of visa experts due to lack of proper institutions that guide you through the intricacies of visa procedures. Guiders Academy fills this gap by introducing exclusive coaching in visa procedures in our modules.

Overseas Medi Claim and Foreign Exchange:
Overseas Medi Claim policy provides indemnity to the traveler for the expenses incurred in immediate treatment of illnesses, diseases contracted or injury first sustained during the period of insurance of overseas travel, subject to policy terms and conditions. In addition to that, this policy provides indemnity for loss/delay of checked baggage, loss of passport during the time of overseas travel and so on.

It is not necessary that every foreign traveler ought to have a sponsor in the intended country of visit regarding their accommodation, stay and all other expenses. Those who have no sponsors in foreign countries like Europe or Far East Countries can travel under the Basic Travel Quota (BTQ) scheme set by the Reserve Bank of India for every Indian passenger. The RBI allows the passengers to purchase sufficient foreign currency to be taken abroad to meet their expenses.

Communicative English
English communication (both oral and written) is vital to excel in this profession.  We have arranged Communicative English sessions as an interlude in order to develop communications skills of the students. The experts will guide you to avoid common mistakes in conversation and make you understand common usages in this industry. This will also give an added boost to the individuals confidence level.

Course Duration: 3 months
Course Fee         : Rs 3500/-

Crash course on CRS are arranged for working staff.

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